Come Join The Bear Knuckles Posse!

"Find a job that you love and you'll never have to work again!" That's our motto at Bear Knuckles as you'll find a bunch of driven and talented team members forging new paths as part of an exciting brand. 

We're looking for individuals who want to truly contribute to and be part of something larger than yourself. Bring that internal drive that helps you jump out of bed in the morning excited to come to a company that respects and utilizes your skills and helps you develop professionally. 

We want talented people to join us on the path of creativity and innovation, align with our core values, and be customer-obsessed. We need independent people we can trust with an eagerness to invent, deliver results, take calculated risks, and insist on the highest standards.

You'll be joining a small but tightly knit team. Our success as a brand depends on each individual. Company culture is critical and we protect it carefully.

Sound like you? Then get your boots on, hold on fast to the rigging, because this bull is going to buck and we're going all 8 seconds!

Current Opportunities in the Posse

Customer Success Manager - Remote

Warehouse Associate - Star, ID