Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves - HD361
Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves - HD361
Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves - HD361
Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves - HD361
Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves - HD361
Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves - HD361

Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves - HD361


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  • Updated stitching pattern from HD351
  • Patented Double Wedge™ design (Extreme Curved Finger)
  • 40% more leather than D351 for greater longevity
  • 1.4MM thickness cowhide leather
  • Winged thumb design
  • Shirred back (Elastic stretch band for secure fit)
  • Purpose placed gussets for longer lasting construction
  • Minimized seams for less stitching wear
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and increases comfort

Bear Knuckles gloves are designed to fit tightly for better control and dexterity. Our sizing guide reflects a glove that will fit like a second skin. With regular break-in, the leather will expand and conform to the natural shape of your hand. If you desire a loose fitting glove, we recommend sizing up (L instead of M).

Conditioning for 1st Time Use

To achieve a perfect fit, Bear Knuckles gloves should conform tightly to your hands when wearing for the 1st time as leather will stretch.

Break-in Steps

  1. Put gloves on
  2. Spritz with water
    Note: If gloves are water/oil resistant, use mink oil or leather conditioner instead of water
  3. Wear until dry

Maintenance & Cleaning

All Bear Knuckles gloves are safe to hand or machine wash and dry. After machine washing, gloves will shrink to original size and may be stiff. Follow Break-in Steps above to recondition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Danny C Partin II
Great 👍👍

On My second order and love them very durable I do flatbed work

Michael Tadlock

I finally got the gloves I ordered from you. I went by your sizing chart and measured my hand exactly how you show to do it using my wife's cloth sewing tape. It measured 10" so I ordered XL instead of the XXL I normally buy in the Tillman gloves I have been wearing, which fit perfectly. I have a hard time getting yours on which can be annoying when I have to frequently put them on and take them off. I know you say yours are supposed to fit tightly but I don't need the dexterity to do surgery or pick a dime up off a sheet of glass. Also I ordered the heavy duty model and I'm glad I did because these in no way look heavy duty to me. Your regular duty gloves would be far too light judging by these. I'll see how these stand up before deciding to order the XXL size I should have gotten in the first place. Tillman gloves are hard to beat and I suspect I'll be going back to them in the future. One customer review said he soaked his in water to get them to fit properly. I've done this with boots and then walked them dry and I may try it with these gloves too but it's going to get cold soon so that may not be an option.
All in all I wish I would have listened to my better judgment and ordered XXL like I should have.

Michael Trimble
Excellent gloves!

I have used a range of gloves in my profession
Over 42 years. These gloves are versatile and make sure you can play the piano at the end of the day, if that is your night job!

Paul Kuhns

so far so good

Ron Sanford
Great guys even better service

great gloves