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Bear Knuckles is a tested and proven high quality leather glove company with over 30 years of developmental experience. We have perfected the feel and comfort of the leather glove, providing you with the best user experience in the toughest environments.

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Regular Duty Leather Cowhide Driver Gloves - D351

Our Best Seller

Regular Duty Leather Cowhide Driver Gloves - D351


Regular price $27.48

  • Patented Double Wedge™ design (Extreme curved finger pattern)
  • Ergonomically constructed to reduce hand fatigue and increase comfort
  • Winged thumb configuration to decrease material bunching around palm
  • Shirred back (Elastic stretch band for more secure fit)
  • Purpose placed gussets for longer-lasting wear
  • Minimized seams to prevent stitching abrasion
  • 1MM thickness leather cowhide

Bear Knuckles gloves are designed to fit tightly for better control and dexterity. Our sizing guide reflects a glove that will fit like a second skin. With regular break-in, the leather will expand and conform to the natural shape of your hand. If you desire a loose fitting glove, we recommend sizing up (L instead of M).

Conditioning Leather for First Time Use

To achieve a perfect fit, Bear Knuckles leather gloves should conform tightly to your hands when wearing for the first time as leather will stretch.

  1. Put leather gloves on
  2. Spritz with water
    Note: If gloves are water/oil resistant, use mink oil or leather conditioner instead of water
  3. Wear until dry

Maintenance & Cleaning

All Bear Knuckles gloves are safe to hand or machine wash and dry. After machine washing, gloves will shrink to original size and may be stiff. Follow Break-in Steps above to recondition.
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Keep your hands safe while maintaining dexterity

Welding Gloves

Patented Double Wedge Design provides ultimate dexterity even with the thickest glove. Kevlar threads in stitching provides durability and heat resistance.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying


Love them! Will enjoy for years to come!

Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves resting on barbed wire coil
Lori Brown

Tonkawa, OK


Best leather gloves I’ve purchased. Comfortable and you get a good sense of feel. Will be buying again!

Stick/MIG Cowhide Welder Gloves resting on work bench next to welder
Danie B.

Damascus, OR


It's almost a shame to wear them for fear of ruining them. They are the most comfortable glove I’ve worn!! Excellent product!!

gloves resting on workbench next to various tools and components
John Anderson

Meridian, ID


This is my second pair... the first pair lasted about 9 months of everyday work with horses and ranch repair. They are by far the most comfortable and longest lasting gloves I’ve used. Especially at the price.

heavily worn gloves resting palm up on a wooden table
Justin S.

Henderson, NV


Phenomenal gloves, phenomenal customer care and service! I mean their gloves are $30 compared to $40-60 for mechanic gloves. Nothing compares to Bear Knuckles product in my opinion!

person wearing Heavy Duty Cowhide Driver Gloves while stringing barbed wire
Cody Glomboske

Acton, CA


I wear “work” gloves every day on the ranch. These are the best gloves for the money I have found. I am a repeat customer. Unlined for warm weather, and lined for cold weather. I bought enough pairs to have a pair in each work jacket and pickup and to give as gifts.

person pulling on leather work gloves while sitting astride a horse
Brett Gray

Pryor, OK


Un-freaking believable! Beautiful, comfortable, and warm. Leather, and soft lined driving gloves have made my day. Thanks much Bear Knuckle Bros.

picture of person wearing gloves standing next to a tree in a forest
Richard Bodreau

Ocean Park, WA